Like every !ND!V!DUALS project, we always build until the moment before our show is scheduled to open. After weeks of non stop Janky every day in Philly, Emilia and I still needed a few all nighters to finish things up. Exhausted and sleep deprived, we hit the road at midnight the day of the opening and landed in Boston at 7 AM. Winston woke us up at 8 am with breakfast and coffee. We headed to the studio to create some final touches and packed the donuts and donut paraphernalia (and the apron) to the gallery. Everything came together at about 6 pm, one hour before opening. James and Kate from Lot F gallery couldn’t have been more awesome and understanding. We are all so excited with how the show came together. 8 years working with !ND!ES and it continues to inspire and motivate me. Hope y’all get as much enjoyment from it as we do. #janklife