Wassaic Artist Residency

In September 2014 I was selected to be part of the Wassaic Project artist in residence program. It is located in Dutchess County in New York, kind of close to Connecticut and a few hours north of Manhattan. It is a super beautiful area, and very rural. It was great to have some extended time to focus on new and different work. The Dentist Project was put on hold for the month and I had an opportunity to meet some new friends and try out some new things in my work. I made a series of what I am calling Earth Boxes, each one occupied by a tower cobbled together with screen printed architectural elements assembled into impossible and unusual structures. Screen printed windows and doors are used in areas to provide a familiarity and allusion to space and form. I had a great time up there and encourage anybody and everybody who is looking to do a residency to check it out. It is very rustic, but certainly a treat for anyone looking for a break from city life.